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Launching a Generative BI Offering Has Never Been Easier

White-label Akkio to offer generative business intelligence directly to your customers - increase your client retention and drive new business wins. Just connect your data, add your logo, and deploy a dashboard, prediction, or insights offering to a website with a custom URL or in your Slack.

Akkio Premier Partners

Increase in revenue per client
LA/VIE is a cutting-edge digital marketing consultancy founded by marketers based in Los Angeles and Vienna. They create and optimize paid creative campaigns for a book of business totaling more than $250M in ad spend.
Improvement in Client SEO Content Results
Ellipsis is a world-class SEO Content agency. They deliver ranking results, backed by expertise, technology, and process.
Annual Revenue Growth
Sterling is on the leading-edge of Democratic campaigning, working with campaigns from the local to the national level and offer full-service scalable fundraising.
Reduction in reporting workload with AI tagging
ManagementOne Is an innovative retail inventory planning firm. For decades, they've created winning, data-driven business strategies for retailers across the globe built on 30 years of real store data

Become Your Clients’ Generative BI Expert 

Add white labeled generative business intelligence to your agency offering so your customers can uncover predictive insights, drive growth, and chat directly with their data. Akkio combines your live data with the speed, simplicity, and adaptability of generative business intelligence, giving your customers a tool they can’t live without or find anywhere else.
Differentiate from your competition

Let customers chat directly with their data to uncover previously undiscoverable insights through branded Akkio products

Drive client growth & retention

Predict winning campaign outcomes and  forecast successful business strategies

Scale to any size with accessible pricing

Pay only for what you need by seat each month. Add additional rows of data and number of predictions as needed

Spin up branded offerings easily & quickly 

Deploy branded web apps and custom URLs or integrate Akkio directly into your product with our API and the help of our 24/7 customer support

Case Study: Ellipsis 

Read more about how Ellipsis “hopped on the train to the future” to create their predictive SEO platform FALCON AI. What the Ellipsis team built on Akkio was so powerful, it landed their brand in the New York Times.

Ellipsis built an A.I. system that could predict which keyword and title would get his clients’ blog posts the most visibility on Google and other search engines… [results] improved by approximately a third as a result.

Craig S. Smith
New York Times, March 2022

Join the Program

Join our Partner Program to work even more closely with our solutions engineering team as we provide white glove service to help you optimize your offering on a pilot customer audience of your choosing. Ensure you’re building exactly what your customers need to drive value. Gain more exposure and win new business through our Marketplace and co-marketing opportunities. 
Co-Marketing & Press Promotions

Join our network of preferred partners for co-speaking opportunities at conferences like Adweek, be featured in our press stories like the New York Times, and our partnership content in online communities.

Priority Access to New Features

Your team will be given a controlled environment with a small customer pilot group to ensure a successful ull roll-out. We can address any feedback you have on new features in real-time. 

Partner Support and Guidance

Go beyond prompt engineering with our team - we help you dream up use cases for your customers and execute on that vision.

Enterprise-grade data privacy and security

Akkio takes our data privacy and security obligations seriously. Our platform, processes, and systems are designed to protect our users and their data. We have implemented information security controls in every part of our operations and we are consistently working to strengthen our stance.
More on security ->

Agencies’ Guide to Generative BI

Read our white paper to learn how to harness the power of Akkio’s generative BI platform to unveil a new service offering to drive revenue, optimize time, and provide added value to your clients.

KPI Recipes

Learn how to predict winning campaign outcomes and forecast successful business strategies with these recipes featuring step-by-step instructions and best practices.

Join a Workshop

Have specific questions about how to build on Akkio? Need help navigating the platform in our free trial? Need help with prompt engineering the right questions Chat Explore? Join a workshop to get your questions answered immediately.

Don't just take our word...

Alex Denning
Founder, Ellipsis Marketing

Akkio has let us build and deploy predictive models with no code, in no time. We've used Akkio to improve the performance of our internal processes: we can automate and improve decision making, saving time and improving results.

President, Marketing Consulting Agency

We believe that AI will dramatically change every business, and Akkio allows our team to take advantage of its immediate benefits: speed, efficiency, and the ability to identify growth opportunities for our clients that would have otherwise remained undiscovered.

Martin Kurucz
CEO, Sterling

Akkio had the best models, pricing structure, scalability, and usability. all of a sudden, in one day, I can do as much data analysis as it would take my team a week.

Nicholas H.
Founder & G2 Reviewer

Akkio is fast, easy, intuitive, and has the best performance of them all. It integrates with just about everything, and has extremely fair pricing. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful too. I tell everyone I know about Akkio, and it really feels like their product is 10 years ahead of their time.

Ajay Agarwal
Partner, Bain Capital Ventures

The best companies are leveraging AI across their enterprise. With Akkio, business users can leverage the power of AI without the burdens of long and expensive traditional AI solutions.

Adam Hambleton
Planning Manager, Management One

In my experience with other tools, it can take weeks to be up and running, but with Akkio, it was super quick.

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