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Just type questions to quickly draw insights from the dataset and analyze it with the vast knowledge of GPT-4

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In one click, charts and graphs can be added to Akkio reports and connected to live data sources

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What is GPT-4?

Chat Explore helps you generate graphs and charts with GPT-4.
Find out more about this revolutionary large language model.

GPT-4 is the fourth generation of OpenAI's Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) language model. As the model is often used in chatbots, it is sometimes referred to as Chat GPT-4.

The large language model (LLM) is designed to generate human-like text and understand natural language better than any previous GPT model. It uses a deep learning neural network to analyze vast amounts of text data and create coherent and meaningful responses to questions or prompts. Contrary to the previous GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 models, GPT-4 is capable of accepting images as inputs, as demonstrated in a recent demo by OpenAI. In the demo, GPT-4 turned a website design sketched on a piece of paper into a fully functional website in a matter of seconds. This capability can revolutionize how programmers, designers, and digital marketing experts work on web experiences for their users.

What are companies using GPT-4 for?

One of the most exciting applications of GPT-4 is in conversational AI, where it has the potential to create more sophisticated and natural-sounding chatbots and virtual assistants. An example of GPT-4 applications are Chat Data Prep and Chat Explore.

These built-in chat interfaces can provide better customer support, automate routine tasks, and even output code depending on the user’s input, a practice that became common as “prompt-engineering.” By leveraging the power of GPT-4, businesses can create applications to easily complete data tasks for analysts that are more intelligent and can hold more engaging conversations with users.

How Akkio Uses OpenAI’s GPT-4

With its ability to chat with data, Chat Explore allows analysts and data managers to interact with their data in a natural and intuitive way. We do the prompt engineering for you - we take the natural language ask, combine it with the metadata from your table, feed it to GPT4 to generate python code which we then run on your data to generate the requested chart or insight.

The unique prompt-engineering done by Akkio with the assistance of the OpenAI model is what makes generating graphs and charts with GPT-4 possible. By using Chat GPT-4 to power its conversational AI, Chat Explore can create a more natural and conversational experience for users without exposing them to the backend operations or requiring them to learn a new coding language.

Data analysts are using Chat Explore daily to analyze datasets, create graphs to showcase internally, and remove all coding requirements, allowing less technical people in the company to join in the analysis. All GPT-4 charts and graphs generated can be connected to live data sources.

A GPT Future To Upscale Productivity

GPT-4 is a powerful model that has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, image recognition, and ability to engineer the input to better craft a specific message, GPT-4 can create more powerful conversational experiences for any sort of use case and help companies achieve results faster with less resources.

Chat Explore serves as a noteworthy example of the versatile capabilities of GPT-4 in crafting inventive solutions that contribute to business advancement and upscale team’s productivity by 10x.

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