How It Works

Forecast with Confidence

With Akkio, Enterprise customers can understand patterns, analyze influential factors, and effortlessly make forecasts with their live data

Boost your confidence with effortless and accurate forecasts

Easily ingest and use your data to make an actionable forecast

Understand outcomes with intuitive insights and impact analysis

Explore your data, understand patterns, collaborate with your team, and analyze performance, accuracy, seasonality, and top factors

Get information where you need it with flexible and live deployments

Integrate with your own data warehouse, deploy anywhere, and automatically update reports and forecasts

Forecast Applications

Optimize Supply Chain

Leverage forecasting models to optimize various aspects of the supply chain, such as inventory management and production planning.

Predict Sales Revenue

Use historical data on sales revenue to develop a machine learning model that can make accurate predictions of future sales revenue.

Forecast staffing needs

Use historical data and other relevant factors to predict the optimal staffing levels required for a telco business.

Akkio is the complete AI suite for analysts

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Blog Announcement

Our announcement article goes in-depth into how forecasting works in Akkio and how it can help you scale up your analysis.

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Forecast Prices

Do you want to check out a practical application of forecasting in Akkio? Look no further and start today for free.

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