Our Mission

We are committed to building a future where AI works for everyone.
Ada Lovelace, first computer programmer
The AI Revolution
There have been three major revolutions in the history of humanity, and we are in the middle of the fourth.

The Neolithic Revolution, when we learned how to farm around 12,500 years ago, was the first. The Industrial Revolution, when we learned how to make machines perform complex tasks, was the second. The Digital Revolution, where we learned how to make machines intermediate the flow of information and communication, was the third.

Each one precipitated a fundamental shift in the way people live. The AI Revolution is the fourth.

The promise of the AI Revolution is to tackle numerous, intractable problems across business, healthcare, science, education, government, transportation, and logistics to name just a few. However, so far the benefits have been seen only by the few organizations with the resources to support data-science and machine learning teams.

Akkio makes it so that everyone has access to the same state-of-the-art AI capabilities, formerly only available to the largest corporations and most well funded research groups.

We do this because we believe that AI is the future, and the future belongs to everyone.
— The Akkio Team
Let's Work Together
If you're excited about building a world where the capabilities of AI are available to everyone, we'd love to hear from you.
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