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January 5, 2024

Case Study

Akkio Helps Ellipsis Revolutionize SEO Content Performance With AI

This hit-and-miss approach to SEO content was detrimental to both client satisfaction and the agency's bottom line. 
Case Study

The Challenge

The world of SEO content is fiercely competitive, with millions of articles published daily, and websites vying for the top positions on search engine results pages (SERPs). According to Ahrefs, 91% of content gets no organic traffic from Google, highlighting the challenges that marketers and content creators face in making their content stand out in a crowded market.

In this competitive landscape, producing high-quality content alone is not enough. Content creators must also ensure that their content is optimized for search engines, addressing factors like keyword targeting, on-page optimization, and backlinks. This optimization process is often resource-intensive and time-consuming, leading to inconsistent performance that frustrates clients and hinders the success of content marketing campaigns.

Alex Denning, founder of the SEO content agency Ellipsis, experienced this issue firsthand, noting that “traditional SEO content is extremely wasteful, generating minimal results despite the substantial allocation of time, energy, and resources.” Clients on a monthly SEO content retainer were canceling due to inconsistent results. Even when five pieces of content appeared to be of similar quality and optimization, only one would rank high on Google, while the other four yielded no results. Content that did manage to rank high on SERPs took between 3-6 months to achieve a top 10 position, a timeline that was far from ideal.

This hit-and-miss approach to SEO content was detrimental to both client satisfaction and the agency's bottom line. 

The Solution

However, in early 2021, Alex Denning started learning about machine learning (ML) applications and believed that AI could help improve Ellipsis' keyword and content process. At that time, Akkio released its Zapier integration, providing an accessible and user-friendly way for businesses to integrate AI technology into any of their applications. Denning explained that “with Akkio, we were able to create custom models for FALCON AI, fundamentally transforming our SEO content strategy.”

FALCON AI is a predictive AI solution built to improve the performance of SEO content. After implementing FALCON AI with the ML models from Akkio, Ellipsis was able to identify high-performing keywords more accurately, resulting in better-targeted content for their clients. This approach allowed the agency to focus on refining their content strategy around these keywords, rather than wasting time on less effective ones.

Ellipsis witnessed a remarkable improvement in the performance of their SEO content. One of their clients saw 97% of the FALCON-powered content ranking in the top 10 positions on search engine results pages. Moreover, clients achieved top 10 SEO rankings three times faster than before.

Beyond keyword identification, Ellipsis has used Akkio to build models to predict whether new leads from contact forms will convert, and which particular services they’d be interested in. As Ellipsis explored Akkio's AI platform, they also discovered new features such as Chat Data Prep and Chat Explore, which further enhanced their content process.

Chat Data Prep significantly reduced the time and effort required to prepare their database for training new models. With millions of rows in their database, the process of filtering and exporting data used to be complex and time-consuming. However, with Chat Data Prep, Denning estimates that the time needed to train a new model was reduced from half a day to just 30 minutes.

Chat Explore allowed Ellipsis to quickly generate charts and analyze data, making it an invaluable tool for their team. For instance, when a client needed insight into their complex billing system, Denning was able to provide the required answers using Chat Explore in just 5 minutes, compared to what would’ve taken 90 minutes in Excel. The ability to chat with their data and build charts in minutes instead of hours was a significant improvement for the agency.

The Impact

FALCON AI's success, backed by Akkio's powerful predictive analytics, has transformed the way Ellipsis approaches SEO content.

Denning described the experience of using Akkio as “hopping on the train to the future,” highlighting its ability to streamline tedious, repetitive tasks, and empowering the team to focus on content quality, all while giving them back valuable time during evenings and weekends.

While their competitors relied on guesswork and limited attempts at keyword selection, Ellipsis leveraged the power of AI to make thousands of accurate predictions, securing a competitive edge in the market.

One of Ellipsis' long-term clients, who had been with the agency for five years, experienced the benefits of Akkio's AI-driven approach firsthand. Comparing the performance of content created before and after implementing FALCON AI, the client's overall website traffic increased by 23%. However, the content specifically powered by FALCON AI saw a remarkable 95% increase in traffic, outperforming the traditional content fourfold.

These results demonstrate the significant impact of AI technology on SEO content performance, allowing Ellipsis to deliver more consistent and effective results for their clients, and cementing their reputation as a forward-thinking agency in a competitive market.

As Denning summarizes, “Akkio has let us build and deploy predictive models with no code, in no time. We've used Akkio to improve the performance of our internal processes: we can automate and improve decision-making, saving time and improving results.”

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