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November 24, 2023


Unlocking Your Data's Potential: Generative Reports in Action

Generative Reports by Akkio offer automated, tailored business insights through visual tools, transforming data analysis for SMBs.
Julia Dunlea
VP of Marketing

We're excited to announce the release of Generative Reports, Akkio’s tool to turn data into decisions. In a previous post, we explored how Generative Business Intelligence represents a seismic shift for SMBs—but we’ve taken it even further with this latest release. Customers simply connect their data and describe their project, and Generative Reports automatically creates a real-time report. 

Forget manually creating complex dashboards. Generative Reports cut through the clutter, delivering tailored insights automatically. Whether you're a sales director forecasting revenue, a marketing manager optimizing spend, or a CEO plotting strategy, Generative Reports has your back.

Case Study Example: Bank Marketing Opportunities

Let’s explore Generative Reports using a real-world bank marketing dataset from UCI. This dataset contains bank phone marketing campaign information and whether leads subscribed to a bank term deposit.

Imagine that a marketing manager at that bank, Jane, needs to optimize her marketing campaigns. With over 45,000 customers and dozens of failed calls daily, manually analyzing the data is a dead end. 

Jane knows the power of analytics. But without a dedicated data scientist, she struggles to draw insights from her CRM platform and call logs. After uploading this dataset to Akkio, Jane defines her goal: “Determine what works and what doesn't in phone marketing for bank deposits.”

Akkio’s Generative Reports feature quickly generates a custom report filled with visualizations on her data. The auto-generated reports provide a detailed mapping of her customers.

Among several other charts, it includes a bar chart of customers’ jobs versus whether they subscribed or not, showing that blue collar customers are very unlikely to subscribe, while retired customers and students are vastly more likely to subscribe.

She also sees the age of her customers visualized in a histogram, but how helpful is that really? Jane wants to dig deeper. So she clicks on the “Explore” tab and types in “bar chart of age vs y” to automatically generate a visual on how likely customers are to subscribe by age. 

It looks like there might be higher odds of subscribing at older ages, but it’s hard to visually tell at this scale. So, Jane simply tells Chat Explore to focus on older customers with the command “bar chart of age vs y (age 61+ only).” 

We now clearly see that, indeed, older customers are extremely likely to subscribe compared to their younger counterparts.

In fact, at 60+, customers subscribe at rates from roughly 30% to 50%, while the vast majority of younger leads don’t subscribe. With these insights, she simply clicks “Save to Reports” so it’s added to her Generative Reports tab.

Empowered with these findings, Jane continues to explore. She asks Chat Explore to create a cluster plot visualizing call duration, time since last call (pdays), and deposit subscription (y). 

The graph reveals that contacting leads from a long time ago can still yield success, but that very brief calls almost always result in no subscription (and there’s a lot of them!). Perhaps a different sales tactic is needed to get reps to hold the line. 

Again, she adds this to her report in one click, which she can share with her team. In the reports tab, she can also hit “refresh” to update her charts with new data at any time.

Armed with tailored insights from her unique dataset, Jane adjusts call scripts to be more personalized and strategic with customer targeting. She also focuses new marketing campaigns on older, retired leads, causing conversion rates to skyrocket.

The Power Behind the Scenes

Generative Reports analyzed Jane's dataset, understood her goals, and uncovered specific opportunities. In just minutes, Jane gained visibility that will directly boost campaign performance and revenue.

The AI examined relationships between features like age, balance, call patterns, and conversion in an instant. For Jane, this was a big leap. She achieved in minutes what previously required challenging manual analysis. Even worse, Jane isn’t a coding expert or Excel wizard with weeks of free time, so those insights would have been left undiscovered.

And with Akkio's full suite of new charts, Jane visualizes her data like never before. From histograms to cluster plots and bar charts, Generative Reports chooses the optimal charts and adapts them as new questions arise. 

The Future of Reporting is Generative  

Jane is just scratching the surface of what's possible. Generative Reports finally unlocks the promise of BI for SMBs. Any process that hinges on data analysis can now be optimized. 

Whether it's lead scoring, inventory planning, risk management, or beyond, Generative Reports has your back. The data you need to compete is now at your fingertips.

Try Generative Reports today and take the first step toward a new era of insight. The future is generative - and it's here for the taking.

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