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November 24, 2023


Generative Business Intelligence: The Next Frontier in Decision-Making for SMBs

Generative BI brings the cumulative knowledge of top experts to evaluate your data. It's an autonomous analytics powerhouse, delivering tailored reports.
Jon Reilly
Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Akkio

In a marketplace where large tech companies are setting the pace, as a small to medium-sized business (SMB) you might feel like you're playing catch-up. 

But your ace in the hole is knowing your customer and market nuances intimately. Your power resides in your unique data streams, and the game is won when you deploy this data with sniper-like accuracy. Enter Generative Business Intelligence, or Generative BI, the dark horse that doesn't just level the playing field—it tilts it in your favor.

Generative BI turns SMB decision-making into a competitive advantage. Picture it as your internal dream team of data analysts that can be available to support you at any time, no strings attached.

The Bottleneck Conundrum: Why Most Businesses Are Stuck in Data Purgatory

Let's pull no punches: You're not data deficient; you're flush with data but impoverished when it comes to actionable insights. While big corporations throw armies of analysts at the problem, SMBs don't have the luxury. That's where Generative BI changes the game.

Unlocking the Value: How Generative BI Changes the Game

Visualize this: You enter a room, clearly state a business problem, and you're handed an up-to-the-minute, tailor-made report. This is not science fiction; this is Generative BI. By connecting your data to a Large Language Model (LLM), you're enlisting an AI system that contains the cumulative knowledge of humanity's leading business experts to evaluate your data and its business implications. 

This isn't a glorified spreadsheet; it's an autonomous analytics powerhouse. Pose a question like, "How effective is my marketing spend in customer acquisition?" and within minutes, you have a bounty of actionable insights and a continually updated strategy for your business.

Consider an online store, for example. Generative BI can look through your sales data, understand why some people leave items in their cart without buying, and then recommend steps to fix it—automatically. Automating value extraction from data is transformative for your business.

This isn't hypothetical; the roots of Generative BI can be found in LLM enabled chat-to-chart products and businesses leveraging the technology are already reporting tangible boosts in productivity and revenue. When you let the AI do the full analysis, we're talking about game-changing outcomes, not incremental improvements.

The Democratization of Data: Why This Matters Now

If there was ever a perfect time for SMBs to go toe-to-toe with industry giants, it's now. Generative BI democratizes data analytics, offering you a fighting chance to leverage your data for personalization, inventory management, lead scoring forecasting and more without enrolling in a crash course in data science. Failure to capitalize on this is like entering a drag race with your handbrake on—you're setting yourself up for defeat.

Generative BI is more than a sophisticated tool; it's a seismic shift in how SMBs operate and compete. This isn't just about catching up; it's about leading the pack. So whether you're a fledgling e-commerce startup or an established SMB, Generative BI is your strategy playbook, the game-changer you didn't know you needed but now can't afford to operate without. 

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