Increase Performance by 208% 

How AI with Data Can Improve ROAS, Content, and Customer Acquisition for Clients

At the T&C Summit, we covered 3 ways to reinvent your advertising, content, and customer acquisition strategies by using AI with data.
You saw what our customers accomplished. Now, let us show you how to use AI with your data.

Generative BI Solves Any Data Problem

From scoring leads to parsing text, any marketing operator can do data science with generative BI. Below are the recipes that we covered in the presentation at T&C.
Optimize Ad Creative with AI

First, evaluate data & generate your ROAS predictive promo strategy model. Then, explore the variables most likely to impact ROAS & inform strategy with insights.

Build a Lead Scoring Model & Process

Start by creating a detailed list of audience attributes that may influence conversion. Build your model based on the attributes, and stack rank those most likely to convert.

Accelerate Your SEO Content Creation

Gather data for relevant keywords and create a model to with the competitive ranking results. Generate new titles at scale using genAI and use your ML model to stack rank the titles by probability of ranking in the top 3.

Try With Your Data 

Take the guesswork out of your campaigns and start using AI with your data today.

Tutorial: Custom Ad Creative Predictive Model to Increase ROAS

Learn how to analyze historical campaign data to determine the most high-impact visuals, copy, and messages to boost ROAS. Uncover actionable, data-backed creative insights to guide development with just a few clicks, skipping the lengthy guesswork of additional A/B testing.
increase in revenue
increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)
increase in revenue per client

Case Study: LA/VIE 

Read more about how media buying agency LA/VIE used Akkio's predictive capabilities to enhance their clients' ROAS and optimize ad creatives.

One of our larger clients had never hit their ROAS targets before working with us. We had made improvements prior to Akkio, but implementing this AI strategy was the key factor in getting that account to a place of profitability and ultimately scale.

— Peter Delle, Co-Founder

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