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January 17, 2024

Artificial Intelligence

22 GPTs for Marketing: We Tested The Best Ones For You

GPTs for marketing are abundant in the newly launched GPT store. Wondering which ones truly stand out? Explore our comprehensive evaluations and top pics.
Giorgio Barilla
Digital Marketing Specialist
Artificial Intelligence

Custom GPTs are AI assistants created by users on the ChatGPT platform. They are customized versions of the large language models developed by OpenAI, fine-tuned for specific domains.

In marketing, custom GPTs are emerging to help with various activities like branding, content creation, analysis, and more. As these AI tools continue to advance, they provide marketers with creative ways to streamline workflows and unlock growth.

This article explores the top marketing GPTs that are worth checking out today. Since the release of the GPT store on January 10th 2024, everyone is starting to talk about them. But which ones are actually worth your time? 

Let’s find out which GPTs for marketing you should use to upscale your strategy! And yes, we actually tested them.

How to access GPTs

There are a couple of ways to access GPTs:

GPT Store

OpenAI launched the GPT Store in January 2024, allowing ChatGPT Plus users to explore and access custom GPT models. The store can be accessed by going to and clicking on "Explore GPTs".

The store features curated selections of popular GPTs, top picks chosen by OpenAI, and the ability to browse by categories or search.

Direct Links

Some GPT creators provide direct links to access their models without going through the GPT Store. 

Direct links are usually shared on Twitter, Reddit, blogs, and other platforms by GPT creators wanting to distribute their models. Following influential AI voices can help you discover new custom GPTs and access links.

ChatGPT Plus

In both cases, you’ll need a ChatGPT Plus, Team, or Enterprise subscription to access the GPTs. They all use GPT-4 and Vision, and these features are reserved for the premium plans. Free ChatGPT users only get access to GPT-3.5.

If you don’t have a ChatGPT Plus account, trying to access a GPT will trigger a pop up asking you to upgrade:

Update pop up for free ChatGPT users when trying to use GPTs for marketing
Update pop up for free ChatGPT users

22 GPTs for Marketing Professionals Tested 

Content Generation GPTs

Rank Math SEO Optimized Content Writer

According to the developers, Rank Math’s SEO content writer generates 100% optimized articles ready for wordpress publishing.

Rank Math, a widely used SEO plugin for WordPress sites, has rapidly gained popularity as an alternative to established leaders like Yoast SEO. We evaluated it by generating a GPT article on 'no code AI tools.' Given Akkio's top 10 ranking in many SERPs for this keyword, the training data probably includes our article.

Let’s see how it did! 

Rankmath GPT content writer producing an article

Firstly, it generated an ad. The GPT store has no policy against self-referencing ads and prompts with heavy marketing material right now. Then, it generates an outline for the article: 

outline for an article generated by Rankmath GPT on the GPT store, a GPT for marketers

The outline isn’t bad per-se, but it doesn’t address the core intent for these keywords: the user is looking for tools. None of the outline titles are covering the no code ai tools available in the market today.

Let’s take a look at the sections it actually generates:

Rankmath GPT generating sections for the article

Well… it’s definitely optimized for the keyword, in the sense the AI uses “no code ai tools” everywhere and tries to optimize for keyword density. But that’s pretty much it. This is not a quality section for the human eye, and won’t perform well in SERP.

Lastly, the AI requires to constantly click on the “continue generating” button for long articles. ChatGPT output is seriously limited for long outputs.

Overall, we still believe this is a good GPT to keep in your account, mostly due to who developed it. They will keep updating it and make it better, especially if they keep staying on the trending list.

Humanize AI

Humanize AI claims it can pass AI detection tests. The text generated by Rank Math SEO’s GPT is recognized as 100% AI by Originality AI

Originality AI reports GPT-4 copy as 100% AI generated
Originality AI scores Rankmath's output as 100% AI generated

Let’s run it through Humanize AI, without any extra prompt engineering.

Humanize AI transforms the text and makes it friendlier

From a first view, the output is very similar but uses a much friendlier tone. That’s a typical strategy to avoid AI detection.

But let’s get straight to the point: did it work? 

It did. Humanize AI successfully removed AI traces from our AI-generated text.

Once again, AI detectors are trivially bypassed. If you genuinely care about detecting AI, this GPT proves you’ll need more than the leading solutions.

Transcript Thief

Transcript Thief serves as a YouTube video analyzer. While you can do the same thing on the standard ChatGPT, this AI is designed by YouTube Media Mastery to help come up with original ideas for short form content starting from a YouTube video.

We pasted the transcript from one of Ahref’s latest videos on KPIs for marketers:

It generated some pretty interesting ideas. From here, you could ask for a full script and start recording!

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager offers rapid, insightful analysis of your Google Ads campaign results. Simply upload your CSV data for an instant, comprehensive review. Beyond analytics, it also generates fresh, innovative marketing strategies tailored to elevate your brand and optimize your product line's impact.

Creative Writing Coach

An official GPT by OpenAI, Creative Writing Coach will help you write better. It's especially useful for non-native speakers working for the US market.

Social Media GPTs


Canva has developed its own GPT, currently trending in the GPT store. This GPT allows users to generate custom designs in Canva, which they can then edit directly on the platform.

For example, here's Canva's GPT generating a design for a new SaaS product launch, following a request for approval to connect to Canva:

Canva GPT generates custom designs for the user.

Both options are decent and can be further edited on the platform. Canva's GPT represents an excellent first step in generating stunning designs quickly with a guided onboarding process.

VideoGPT by VEED

VideoGPT offers an easy way to create stunning videos and expand your audience using AI, designed by VEED, a well-known cloud-based video editing solution. Its output, similar to Canva's, can be edited outside the GPT. To use videos without watermarks, a paid VEED account is required.

VEED generates GPT videos

Automation Consultant by Zapier

Zapier's GPT, serving as a consultant for all things Zapier, is an essential tool for marketers in the tech space. With its vast array of integrations, Zapier is commonly used to connect disparate components of tech stacks. 

This GPT consultant aids in identifying pertinent connections, troubleshooting workflows, and planning new automation projects. It is particularly valuable for social media marketers managing paid ad campaigns across multiple channels, who require syncing of data in a central location, typically a CRM.

Image Caption Generator

If you’re not a fan of Instagram, then the Image Caption Generator is definitely for you. This GPT-based tool generates optimized copy and a list of hashtags for any image you upload.

Image caption generator does the copy for you

You can use it to limit the time you spend producing quick captions for Instagram and Twitter posts. It’s not ideal for long-form content.

Consistent Character GPT

The Consistent Character GPT is designed to help you create uniform graphics for your social networks. If you've ever used DALL-E 3 or MidJourney for image generation, you'll know that they often produce varying images, even when referencing the same individual or object. 

This character generator simplifies the process by asking a series of onboarding questions, such as the gender, age, and profession of your desired character. It then outputs the character in the style and action of your choice.

This is our character drinking coffee

GPTs for marketers for designing custom characters

And the same character playing pickleball

Not the same, but close enough! 

This GPT can be very useful when generating stock images or banners for your profiles and articles.


SEO Sage

SEO Sage can help you with keyword research and SEO best practices. It can be a great companion while analyzing your competitors and/or when you’re stuck looking for inspiration.

It’s worth noting the GPT doesn’t have access to proprietary data, but is simply fine-tuned for SEO workflows. This is a limitation you’ll see quite often in custom GPTs, and we’ll discuss it at the end of the article!

GA4 Analytics Guru

The GA4 Analytics Guru is a valuable tool for obtaining dimension and metric suggestions from the Google Analytics API. When working with Akkio and needing to import data from Google Analytics, this tool assists in identifying the optimal data combination.

This is an example of what you can get: 

The dimensions and metrics for GA4 reports coming from the API docs

The GPT has low hallucinations here, but we still recommend double-checking the names.

The suggestions in GA4 explorations are also usable, and the assistant can provide assistance with all GA4-related questions.


WebPilot enables web search inside ChatGPT. Unlike the default Bing search, WebPilot searches Google to find results and can scrape URLs.

WebPilot can, for example: 

  • Suggest internal links starting from a sitemap.xml
  • Help fix your robots.txt
  • Ensure localization is properly executed on your domain
  • Scrape multiple pages and learn the differences (e.g. why is article X ranking above yours?)
  • Find keyword data on Google (e.g. where am I ranking for X)
  • Find trends by scraping today’s Hacker News
Webpilot GPT, a GPT for marketers, can help scouting for live data online

It’s a great tool for SEOs that want to perform quick analysis without leaving ChatGPT.


Writing articles with ChatGPT is easy, but providing novel and interesting insights isn’t. With SEO becoming more competitive every day, you need to differentiate your content somehow. 

Consensus GPT helps you research a topic in-depth. Their database of 200M academic papers can assist in finding research to quote in your articles and gain expert knowledge into any topic faster.

For example, here’s what it provided when asked to tell us more about how machine learning will impact marketing in 2024: 

Consensus GPT finding academic sources for


AI PDF GPT, can handle PDF documents up to 2GB per file, allows 1000s of PDF uploads on with a free account. It eliminates the need for repeated file uploads. The pro version can search across 1000s of PDFs and OCR documents.

Compared to the included ChatGPT upload capabilities, this GPT can take you much further if you’re looking to scan and analyze a massive corpus of PDFs.

Design GPTs

Logo Creator

Logo creators have been around for a very long time, but they’ve always focused on copyright-free icons and random pattern matching. 

With DALL-E 3 and the Logo Creator GPT, you can now generate very nice looking logos, including text, for your new idea or product launch.

Example output: 

A logo for an ice cream company, generated by a custom GPT

Roast my Landing Page

Roast my Landing Page uses GPT-4 Vision to scan and critique landing pages. For example, this is what it thinks of 

The GPT roasting Amazon homepage

While clearly very generic, it provides useful insights you might need heavy prompt engineering to get from the standard GPT.

Programming GPTs

Code Tutor

Developed by Khan Academy, Code Tutor is an assistant that teaches you how to code better and solve problems.

You can’t use it to develop full-fledged applications, but it can be a great first step for marketers that want to understand more about technical topics.


Grimoire is a stunningly well-made custom GPT developed by MindGoblin Studios. Grimoire is a full-stack developer assistant. 

It can:

  • Generate entire small python games for you in a click (e.g. pong)
  • Fix JS errors on your website
  • Help you install tracking codes, like GA4, into your header
  • Validate code
  • Generate code
  • Explain code

Here’s Grimoire generating a Pong game after explaining all the steps:

And if you’re wondering… yes, it works

Grimoire generated a pong game

Screenshot to Code GPT

Developed by the popular prompting archive “God of Prompt”, Screenshot to Code takes screenshots and produces the code to replicate the design in your environment. Specifically, it converts it into HTML/Tailwind/JS code.

From our tests, it’s not always accurate, and can design something that looks quite different from the initial input. But it’s still useful as a starting point.


DesignerGPT designs entire landing pages and websites for you. Marketers can use it to quickly launch product pages or side websites for the company or client. It also generates the copy that goes with it.

However, that’s not all. DesignerGPT will also host the page for you. This means you can preview it without downloading the code or asking a developer to host it on your server. Here’s an example output for a bakery.

Research & Inspiration GPTs

Entrepeneur's WP Advisor

Entrepeneur WP Advisor is a WordPress advisor created to help creators discover new ways to monetize WordPress websites. It’s a WordPress expert, trained on many of the most popular WordPress plugins and themes. The GPT can help with lots of WordPress questions like “how can I build ‘xyz’ with WordPress?” Or “What is the best WordPress themes for my fitness website?”.

While not directly related to a marketing use case, many marketers work within Wordpress every day, and this GPT can help upscale the value of the property. The developers also claim you can use it to generate post ideas.

Let's test it by asking for a plugin to interlink to other content on my website automatically, which can be very useful for SEO and to avoid orphan pages:

It suggested Internal Link Juicer, a popular solution indeed.

What are Custom GPTs

Custom GPTs are personalized versions of ChatGPT that have been fine-tuned for specific use cases. They allow individuals and organizations to take an existing foundation like GPT-4 and customize it by providing specialized data, knowledge, and instructions to enhance performance on tailored tasks.

The key benefit of custom GPTs is the ability to instruct the models with particular skills, information, and behaviors that make them more helpful, efficient, and effective for individual needs. 

For example, a marketer could create a custom GPT preloaded with industry knowledge, brand guidelines, content templates, and analytics to help generate high-quality marketing copy. A teacher may customize a GPT to act as an AI teaching assistant equipped with lesson plans, assignments, grading rubrics and pedagogical best practices. The possibilities for personalization are vast.

Creating custom GPTs is also accessible for non-technical users thanks to the GPT Assistant, a Custom GPT designed to help users create GPTs. Advanced users can hook up the GPT to custom actions outside of the platform for more interesting and complex use cases, like Canva and Veed are doing to generate images and videos that then get displayed inside the chat interface.

If you want to step up your GPTs, you can take a look at Relevance AI, a no-code platform to perform custom actions and workflows outside of ChatGPT.

Should I Use Third Party GPTs?

With such a low entry barrier, is it really worthwhile to use someone else's GPT instead of building your own? That's a common dilemma for marketers.

Frankly, in many cases, it's not.

Consider an article generator. Do you want to rely on someone else's criteria for what makes a "good" article, based on their opinions?

Then, there are the various "consultants." Can a sales-focused GPT offer better advice than the timeless wisdom available from GPT-4?

Most GPTs available in the market are essentially GPT-4 chatbots enhanced with an extended prompt – and that's about it. You can recreate them in less than an hour and be much more specific about what you’re looking for.

The truly valuable GPTs are those that integrate with external applications – the ones you can't easily replicate on your own. GPTs like Canva, Veed, or Zapier are the ones worth mastering. Or the ones that require constant upkeep you might not have time for.

The other GPTs will most likely come and go, and you might be better off  creating your own instead or using a dedicated platform for the job, like Akkio for data analysis and machine learning.

Drawbacks of GPTs

GPTs are now trending again in search engines worldwide. After a downfall past-announcement, Google Trends reports search traffic surging at the time of writing: 

Interest over "gpts" according to Google Trends

Custom GPTs come with lots of drawbacks right now compared to other solutions in the market. 

Most GPTs Limit Multimodality

One of the biggest advantages of using ChatGPT Plus is getting access to ChatGPT, Code Interpreter, Web Browsing, and DALL-E 3 all in one place. Depending on your request, ChatGPT adapts and offers the best output.

Using GPTs frequently means limiting your scope to whatever the GPT developer decided for you. They can limit access to certain multimodal features and even gate-keep features by asking the GPT to avoid certain areas.


There are no clear indications over what constitutes an ad in a GPT right now. You will see many developers offer barebone GPTs to redirect to their platform.

Developers could abandon GPT Development

Right now, developing custom GPTs is seen as a sort of gold rush. You will see many pop up every single day, and ChatGPT will struggle to keep up with the supply while promoting the best ones. But the excitement will eventually fade out.

Relying on private individuals to keep developing the GPT can be a risky strategy.

Still buggy

Advanced GPTs like Canva’s use Custom Actions, an API framework that allows ChatGPT custom GPTs to connect to external services. It’s a very new feature, and there will surely be moments where you feel it. 

For example, VEED’s video generator timed out while we were testing. 


Remember the GPTs can now send data outside of ChatGPT. This means your data will be handled by a third party, and you won’t necessarily know how. We’d caution against uploading very private data to any GPT that sends data outside, and to be very comfortable with the privacy policy of OpenAI itself.

Unfit for Real Analysis

Marketers sometimes work with hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of rows of data. They need a platform that can assist with large-scale data analysis, avoid AI hallucinations, and sync with live data. 

Akkio can help you avoid all GPT limitations by providing a secure, enterprise-grade data analysis platform supercharged by AI, including GPT-4 by OpenAI. You can use our tool to generate graphs, dashboards, and predict on any feature. Common applications include lead scoring, churn prediction, and sales forecasting

Unclear monetization model

It’s unclear how OpenAI will monetize the GPTs. For now, they claim US creators will receive a portion of the ChatGPT Plus subscription depending on usage.

However, there are no details into the when and how the revenue will be distributed. This means GPTs that have ongoing cost to work (e.g. when fetching data from other data sources) might not be around if the monetization doesn’t enable them to somehow profit from the development.

Using GPTs in Teams

Together with the launch of the GPT store on January 10, 2024, OpenAI decided to step up their game and offer ChatGPT as a team subscription. Using ChatGPT is not a single player game anymore.

Your team can now collaborate using custom GPTs and agents developed by third-party developers, take advantage of the custom GPT functionality by building internal tools, and share conversations within the organization.

The plan is slightly more expensive than the base Plus subscription, starting at $25 for a minimum of 2 seats. ChatGPT won’t train on data submitted by users on the Team plan.

Conclusion & Next Steps

There are plenty of GPTs for marketing professionals that can make your life easier and help you work faster. However, it’s crucial marketers consider creating their own GPTs for mission critical components of the marketing strategy.

Custom GPTs are limited by the chat interface, and can’t help with privacy-oriented workflows for large companies or agencies with data-first approaches to marketing.

If you need a reliable AI to assist with your data workflows, give Akkio a try for free. The first 14 days are on us, no credit card required. You’ll be able to do everything you do in ChatGPT and more when it comes to data analysis and machine learning.

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