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January 4, 2024


Announcing: Enhance Your Analytics and Reporting with 20+ Generative Chart Types

Akkio expanded the chart types available in Chat Explore. Become a visualization pro in a click!
Natasha Badger
Digital Marketing Manager

Today at Akkio, we're thrilled to announce an update that will allow you to dive deeper into your data and boost your reporting capabilities. As the first company to make data analysis and predictions seamless and accessible to everyone, we are introducing a wide array of new chart types to our platform. These aren't just additional ways to visualize data; they represent a bold step toward helping companies of all sizes make more informed decisions.

Now, you can chat with your data to generate Scatter Plots, Line Plots, Area Plots, Bar Charts, Histograms, Pie Charts, Heatmaps, Box Plots, Violin Plots, Sunburst Charts, Treemaps, Mapbox Maps, and more. Login to Akkio or start a free trial to try it out now. 

Let's dive into what these new additions mean for you and your team.

Visualizing Complex Data Made Simple

3D Color Coded Plots (Scatter, Line, Surface)

Reveal hidden trends and patterns that might otherwise be obscured by adding new dimensions to your visualizations. 

3d scatter plot by Akkio

Density Plots (Heatmaps, Contour)

Want to understand the concentration and distribution of data points in a given space? Density plots are your answer. With these charts, you can quickly identify areas of significance.

Akkio Chat Explore generates density plot charts

Engage in More Comprehensive Comparisons

Box Plots and Violin Plots

Looking to understand the distribution and central tendencies of your data? These plots present information about the range, median, and outliers in a quickly understandable way.

Box Plot Chart
Akkio Chat Explore violin charts

Scatter Plots

Perfect for showcasing the relationship between two variables, scatter plots allow you to identify correlations, trends, or outliers within your dataset. It's an essential tool for anyone seeking to understand how variables interact.

Polar Charts 

Whether you're evaluating product performance, employee skills, or any scenario that requires a 360-degree view, Polar Charts can encapsulate multiple attributes into one comprehensive visualization. It's like having a multi-faceted mirror reflecting various aspects simultaneously.

Polar Charts from Chat Explore (Akkio)

Bar Charts

When you need to compare individual groups or categories, bar charts are the go-to choice. They provide a clear and concise way to represent categorical data, allowing you to quickly spot differences and similarities.

Chat Explore generates a bar chart with GPT-4

Scatter Matrix (Splom)

When you want to compare different sets of data to see how they relate to each other, a scatter matrix gives you a few mini charts in a grid. Each chart shows the relationship between two sets of data, making it easier to uncover correlations.

scatter matrix Akkio

Explore Data Distribution


Unlike bar charts that represent categories, histograms give insights into the distribution of continuous data. By dividing data into bins or intervals, you can understand the underlying frequency distribution, making it a powerful tool for statistical analysis.

Analyzing Categories and Hierarchies

Pie Charts

Pie charts offer a visually engaging way to represent part-to-whole relationships. By dividing a circle into segments, they provide an immediate understanding of how different parts contribute to the whole.

Akkio Chat Explore generates pie chart

Sunburst Charts and Treemaps

For those dealing with hierarchical data or needing to understand part-to-whole relationships, these charts offer an intuitive and engaging way to explore different levels and categories. 

sunburst graph
treemap generated by Chat Explore

Parallel Coordinates Plot and Parallel Categories Diagram

When you need to compare multiple categories across various attributes, these two visual tools come to your aid. They offer a unique perspective, making high-level analysis quicker and more straightforward.

Trends Over Time

Line Plots

Line plots excel in representing data points over a continuous interval or time span. By connecting individual data points, they provide an intuitive way to track trends and fluctuations over time, making them invaluable for time-series analysis.

line plot generated by Akkio with GPT-4 assisted features

Area Plots

Similar to line plots, area plots offer a way to understand how a quantity accumulates over time. By filling the area under the line, they add visual weight, emphasizing the total value across a period.

area plot by Akkio

Explore Sales and Funnel Data with Funnel Charts

Understanding your sales process or customer journey is essential for any business. With Funnel Charts, you can visually track stages and conversion rates, allowing you to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Funnel Chart

Insightful Geographic Analysis

Choropleth and Mapbox Maps:

Geographical data analysis is no longer a task reserved for experts. With these map-based charts, you can overlay data on geographical regions effortlessly. Want to show sales by state or population density in different countries? It’s just a few clicks away!

Why New Chart Types Matter to You

We all know that more doesn’t always mean better. But in data visualization, having the correct chart for your unique dataset can make all the difference.

These new charts provide not complexity but the power of choice. Whether you are a seasoned Analyst, CEO, or Marketing manager, these tools make your exploration into data smooth, insightful, and impactful.

And as always, with Akkio's Chat Explore, all these charts are at your fingertips through simple natural language queries. 

What’s Next: Start Visualizing Your Data

The world of data is vast, and our mission at Akkio is to make it accessible and actionable. We are the first business intelligence platform to let small and medium companies use their data to understand the past, predict the future, and act on it. Other tools limit how you can use your data, but Akkio's powerful AI platform makes it easy to chat with your data to generate insights, predictions, and dashboards so you can drive more impact on your business.

Give these new chart types a try today and see how they can transform your data analysis experience.

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