Akkio + Zapier

December 8, 2020

Our Zapier integration is now live, making it incredibly easy to add AI to any Zap. Akkio + Zapier is a powerful new way to take advantage of machine learning. Here is an example of scoring new leads on-the-fly as they populate into Google Sheets and then notifying the sales team slack channel when they are projected as highly likely to convert.

Akkio + Zapier

Making your lead funnel more efficient is just scratching the surface - you can build practically anything when you combine the Akkio machine learning platform with the if-this-then-that automation of Zapier. You can automate sales forecasting, sort and route text (route open-ended lead form inputs to sales or nurture by categorizing the text), automate churn reduction, streamline forecasting, flag fraud, predict commodity prices - the possibilities are endless. We are excited to see what you build. 


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