Machine Learning for Digital Marketers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming marketing, but for most marketers, getting actionable insights seems impossible without an army of software engineers and data scientists.

Akkio is the solution.

Akkio makes AI easy enough for anyone to use

Akkio combines state-of-the-art machine learning with a simple, intuitive user experience to enable a new generation of AI-powered applications.

Whether you’re interested in churn reduction, text classification, automated lead scoring, or optimizing any other marketing KPI, Akkio is for you.

No code required. No data science experience needed.

AI is changing everything

Artificial Intelligence has existed since the 1950s, and has gone through several hype cycles since then. However, AI technology has exploded recently due to a convergence of trends, including the rise of big data, the cloud, and the no-code movement.

Now, AI powered services are truly all around us, and virtually everything you do is impacted by AI. Billions of people use Google Search and YouTube, for instance, which serve search results according to AI-based recommender engines. Hundreds of millions more watch AI-recommended content on Netflix, receive product recommendations from Amazon, and listen to AI-recommended music on Spotify.

It’s not just large corporations implementing machine learning. In fact, roughly a third of SMEs already use AI. The other two-thirds quickly need to catch up.

Those that wait will miss the boat

AI adds tremendous value to organizations—from optimizing KPIs to creating real-time predictive functionality for users. More importantly, the value-add of AI increases exponentially over time, as AI systems improve with more data, resulting in a larger user base, which in turn creates better AI systems.

This positive feedback loop means that the cost of not implementing AI also increases exponentially over time, as your competitors will continue to improve, with better AI systems day-by-day.
AI technologies even power autonomous spacecraft.

What is AI Marketing?

AI is revolutionizing digital marketing. Find out how to harness the power of AI for sales funnel optimization, lead scoring, churn reduction, and more.
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Lead Scoring: Start Here

Today's cutting edge digital marketing teams are scoring their leads with AI. If you don't act you will miss the boat and fall behind.
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An Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine learning was once largely limited to academia and deep-pocketed R&D units, given its complexity and high computational cost. This resulted in countless AI research papers, but less AI deployment in the real-world. The tides have turned in recent years, and AI is now a powerful tool in the hands of marketers, sales teams, and small businesses around the world. While “artificial intelligence” sounds like a complex, unapproachable term, it’s actually extremely easy to build and deploy.
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AI for Digital Marketers: Applications

Digital Marketing and AI are a perfect match. Machine Learning can add multiples to the return on each marketing dollar spent. You can predict the revenue outcome for new leads before waiting for them to move through the sales cycle. You can automate lead routing, parse open-ended text inputs, and track positive and negative mentions of your brand. Machine learning is making almost every digital marketing task more effective and more efficient. 

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Monitoring your customer’s attitudes towards your brand helps you address issues before they become problems. Every Akkio account comes with a built-in sentiment analysis model so you can automate feedback tracking on Twitter and other social platforms.
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How Businesses Adopt AI

Building In-House AI Teams

Hiring a team of experts was, and is, and an expensive endeavor. The average data scientist commands a six-figure salary in the US, and building an AI team often includes data analysts, data engineers, AI engineers, and more. This team would be tasked with building custom models, which is a lengthy, expensive experimentation process. All that payroll quickly adds up - not to mention the high costs of maintaining big data hygiene efforts. This is part of why the large majority of big data and AI projects fail. It’s just a large, complex, and expensive effort. AutoML solutions by the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Amazon can speed up the process of model building, but are still complex solutions that require the involvement of experts.

Enterprise Software and Consultants

Besides building in-house AI teams, companies could deploy enterprise software solutions like DataRobot and Alteryx. However, these are extremely pricey solutions, as DataRobot costs around $100,000 a year, with a standard contract length of three years. Given that cost, it’s a very hands-on solution, and companies will need to dedicate internal resources to making the most of these technologies. In short, implementing DataRobot could cost you half a million dollars, without no guarantees that it’s worth it. Traditional consulting firms like Deloitte will easily charge $1 million or more, which simply isn’t feasible for most SMEs.

No-Code Tools

This is where no-code tools like Akkio come in. Unlike building in-house teams, deploying enterprise software, or hiring consultants, no-code tools are a simple, cost-effective solution. With a free trial, you can see results right away, risking $0 instead of up to a million.

In short, no-code is the best way to use AI in digital marketing and gain a competitive edge.
Why bring on a new team when you can enable your existing team with no-code?

Getting Insights From Marketing Data

You might use Mailchimp to send emails, Slack to communicate with your team, Typeform to collect user feedback, Google Analytics to track site data, Hubspot or Salesforce in your CRM, and more. All these tools—and practically every other notable marketing tool not listed—allow you to easily export your data, allowing you to build models and make predictions with AI.
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Deploying Your AI

You’ve now connected data, made predictions, and explored relevant insights and model details. While this may be enough for some use-cases, there’s a lot more you can do. Namely, you can deploy your AI model as an API, as a web app, or even create integrations in Zapier.
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Other AI Tools for Digital Marketers

Akkio’s focus is on predicting and optimizing marketing KPIs in tabular data, but the AI field is a lot broader than that, which means there are other AI opportunities awaiting the diligent marketer. Here are just a few more AI opportunities for marketers to take advantage of.
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Artificial Intelligence is nothing to be afraid of. It’s no longer difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. As you’ve seen, you can build and deploy AI models in just minutes, with no technical expertise needed. This is truly revolutionary, as just a few short years ago, it was the norm to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months on AI projects. Times are quickly changing, and to stay ahead, it’s critical to adopt no-code AI.

The Easiest Way to Work with Data

Now everyone can leverage the power of AI to grow their business.
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