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Become a generative BI leader in your category, get insights faster, and drive more revenue for your clients as an Akkio Tech Partner. Our intuitive, simple user experience streamlines client reporting, while our API calls allow technical teams to deploy custom classification and regression models effortlessly.

Case Study: Ellipsis 

Read more about how Ellipsis “hopped on the train to the future” to create their predictive SEO platform FALCON AI. What the Ellipsis team built on Akkio was so powerful, it landed their brand in the New York Times.

Ellipsis built an A.I. system that could predict which keyword and title would get his clients’ blog posts the most visibility on Google and other search engines… [results] improved by approximately a third as a result.

Craig S. Smith
New York Times, March 2022

Seamless Akkio Integration With Your Platform

Expert Solution Engineering & Architect Support

Our team provides solution engineering and architect support to assist with your integration.

Industry-Leading Data Security & Ownership

Data on our platform is not used to train downstream AI models, and you have full ownership of your data. We are HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, and GDPR compliant to ensure data security.

Customize Your Deployments

Deploy custom predictions, interact with Chat Explore, build and train machine learning models, and deploy as a REST API

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