Natasha Badger

Digital Marketing Manager

Predictive AI Examples: Uncovering the Power of Data-Driven Forecasts

Explore the transformative power of Predictive AI across industries, from retail to healthcare, and discover how it shapes decision-making and innovation.

Ensuring Data Reliability: Strategies for Trustworthy Data in Decision-Making

Explore data reliability, its importance, and strategies to build a trustworthy data culture within organizations, enhancing decision-making and business outcomes.

Guide to AI Reporting: Transforming Data into Actionable Insights

Explore the transformative power of AI reporting to enhance business insights and operational efficiency across sectors.

theCut Slashes Fraud by Integrating Predictive AI Into Their Platform

Learn how theCut uses Akkio's predictive models to accurately predict fraud, reducing errors and saving resources.

Will AI Replace Programmers? The Unknown Future in The New GPT World

Will AI replace programmers in the near future due to the advancement of AI and models like GPT-4 and Gemini Ultra reaching human-level capabilities?

Will AI Replace UX Designers? What the Future Holds

Will AI replace UX designers? Explore how AI will influence UX design, from augmenting capabilities to reshaping roles in 2024 and forward.

12 Essential KPIs for Social Media Managers in 2024

KPIs for social media managers made easy. Find out the ones to track, how to report KPIs to your team, and how to align marketing goals.

Why Data Matters in the AI Revolution

Unlock the potential of AI with quality data. Learn the essentials of data collection, storage, and maintenance and boost your AI-driven business!

How to Use GPT Data Analysis to Boost Your Digital Agency: Comparing Open AI & Akkio

Learn how to take advantage of GPT Data Analysis with our comparison between OpenAI's integrated tool and Akkio's dedicate suite of software for analysts.

The 7 Signs Your Business Needs Self-Service Reporting

Frustrated by complex BI tools? Learn how to identify your need for self-service reporting, how to adopt it, & how it empowers faster data-driven decisions.

Harness the Power of AI Workflow Automation (No-Code)

AI Workflow automation enables small business to compete with the big guys. Find out how and step up your productivity without more human effort.

AI Tools for Consultants: Supercharge Your Workflows

There's a plethora of AI Tools for Consultants you can't miss today. Supercharge your workflows and become more productive in a few clicks!

Will AI Replace Marketing Jobs?

Will AI replace marketing jobs? Let's explore all use cases and how marketers can embrace AI rather than be afraid of it.

The Best BI Tools for Startups (+ AI-Powered Alternatives)

Explore the best BI tools for startups, from AI-Powered solutions like Akkio to more traditional tools like Power BI. This list will give you what you need to make a decision!

Announcing: Enhance Your Analytics and Reporting with 20+ Generative Chart Types

Akkio expanded the chart types available in Chat Explore. Become a visualization pro in a click. GPT-4 chart makers have never looked so good!

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