Supercharge Your Consultancy

Transform data into powerful insights and predictions to give your clients an edge.

Customizable AI for Any Challenges

Connect your data to Akkio and experience the power of predictive analytics, without the need for a dedicated data science team. Select datasets, train prediction models, and share impactful reports with your clients, all within a user-friendly interface. Optimize operations and enhance your service offerings with our fast, flexible, and cost-effective AI solution.

Boost your confidence with effortless and accurate forecasts

Easily ingest and use your data to make an actionable forecast

Understand outcomes with intuitive insights and impact analysis

Explore your data, understand patterns, collaborate with your team, and analyze performance, accuracy, seasonality, and top factors

Get information where you need it with flexible and live deployments

Integrate with your own data warehouse, deploy anywhere, and automatically update reports and forecasts

Client Spotlight

Revolutionizing Retail Consultancy

A retail consultancy used Akkio to transform their sales forecasting from basic arithmetic to advanced predictive analytics. Impressed by Akkio's continuous feature updates and proactive support, they plan to extend its use for churn analysis, lead scoring, and managing their expanding datasets.

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