You’re Invited!

Sip & Serve:
AI Soirée with Akkio

Akkio, the leading AI data analytics provider for agencies, is bringing together media, analytics, AI, and data leaders from the top agencies for a night of drinks, bites, networking, and a chance to win tickets to the US Open!

When: Thursday, August 8th from 5 - 9 pm
Where: 29-35 9th Ave, New York, NY 10014 (Soho House)

The Only AI Data Platform Built for Agencies

Chat with data for instant insights

Dig into your data by simply asking for what you want to know. You’ll have strategic, immediately actionable insights, plus live auto-refreshing reports and charts to show off to your clients.

Embed self-serve analytics

From white labeling to a fully-embedded AI solution, our AI allows you to seamlessly analyze data, create visualizations, build predictive models, and interact with your data through chat.

Predict & optimize for any KPI

Use Akkio’s predictive AI engine to expose hidden gems in your data so you can not only predict the future but actually act on it. Use it to improve everything from ROAS to media mix, CPC to CPA.