Software Engineers

With Akkio, eliminate tedious data preparation and ML Ops dev work to focus more time on developing core IP.

Akkio’s model deployment is fully customizable, allowing you to integrate algorithms for any use case. You can create models that are triggered by specific events or that pull their predictions directly into your existing business intelligence tools. You can also deploy models as part of a batch job, which can run alongside your current workflows without interrupting them.

Save Time and Boost Productivity

Software engineers often work on repetitive tasks for AI/ML projects, including pre-processing data, data transformations, and cloud deployment. With Akkio, these steps are automated so you can save time and focus on differentiating your products.

Automate Everything Else

The process of deploying a machine learning model into production typically takes multiple weeks and involves many manual steps. With Akkio, deploy any model into production in one system. For example, you could build a model that predicts credit card fraud, and then trigger a webhook in production so that the transaction is flagged for action.

Support Customized Workflows

Architecting APIs can take months. With Akkio, you can spend your time building products and features instead, as our auto-generated API lets you seamlessly integrate AI into your existing workflow.

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