Data Scientists

Evangelize AI across your organization and become an AI leader. Accelerate your machine learning workflow from months to days.

Akkio’s AI flow system gives data scientists the freedom to build their own models. Use our API or GUI to build machine learning models with a variety of state-of-the-art techniques. Then deploy them to production with minimal code, or even with our no-code product integrations.

Empower Your Team

Create a team of "citizen data scientists" to address the low-hanging fruit that you don't have time for. Allow yourself to focus on the most complex AI/ML problems.

Quickly Build and Test Models

Traditional approaches are expensive and slow, with 80% of models failing to make it into production. The solution? Akkio's AI flow lets you train a model in minutes to assess proofs-of-concept much more rapidly - saving your team time and money.

One Tool for AI Testing and Deployment

The old way of deploying ML models is complicated and error-prone, including tedious ML operations tasks.  With Akkio, you can easily deploy a model in minutes with just a few clicks instead of months.

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