Business Analysts

Feeling overwhelmed in spreadsheets? With Akkio, you can quickly and easily leverage predictive analytics to make informed decisions — no data science expertise required.

Akkio gives you access to the state of the art in machine learning algorithms, with full transparency and control over the model building and deployment process. Use our platform to effortlessly connect datasets, use relevant features, build models, and deploy them to production.

Predictive vs. Descriptive Insights

Analysts know the business better than anyone, yet often they're stuck in Excel building backward-looking reports without the tools or resources to do more.  Akkio allows anyone with basic spreadsheet knowledge to surface predictive insights, and enables business leaders to make decisions that drive the business forward.

Automate and Add More Value

Data entry and cleaning is tedious and time-consuming. With Akkio, you can automate these tasks to save time and focus on more important work like surfacing quick insights for business leaders.

Learn New Skills

Old school data science is dead. No longer will you need to dedicate precious personal time and investment to get a data science degree. Start leveraging AI/ML now with Akkio's no-code platform, learn the basics, and demonstrate tangible business value in minutes!

Solving the Hardest Business Problems

Whether you are trying to forecast sales for a million products or working with extremely wide financial data, Akkio is capable of solving the hardest business problems. Using our API, business analysts can build models to solve any supervised learning problem, all of which can automatically be scaled to suit any deployment needs.

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