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January 4, 2024


Unlock Insights Fast: 3D Visualization with Chat Explore

Chat Explore empowers businesses to gain actionable insights from their data quickly and intuitively through natural language conversations with AI.
Jeff Matthews
Head of Enablement

Data is the key to unlocking powerful decision-making. But be honest: raw numbers alone don't tell us much. That's where visualization comes into play. 

Imagine an entrepreneur who wants to understand the buying patterns of their customers. They might start by exporting rows upon rows of data into Excel. Then comes the tedious part: fiddling with chart options, trying to set up the right axis, and potentially downloading extra software or plugins just to get a semblance of the insights they’re looking for. Or, god forbid, breaking down and coding some SQL. And even after all that effort, they’re met with a static 2D chart that barely scratches the surface of their data's depth.

These hurdles aren’t just annoying – they have real consequences. A lengthy and cumbersome visualization process could delay essential business decisions like inventory restocking, marketing strategy tweaks, or product placement adjustments. This is where Chat Explore steps in, offering a swift transition from data to meaningful, actionable visualizations.

Solution Feature: Chat Explore

With Chat Explore, you're not just looking at numbers but conversing with them. Picture exploring your sales metrics, customer behaviors, or supply chain data simply by typing in a search query. The GPT-4 integration ensures that this 'conversation' is powered by cutting-edge AI, translating your everyday language into insightful visualizations.

Instantly, the hours spent on Excel become minutes with Chat Explore. The need to juggle multiple tools or software vanishes. Instead, you have a singular platform, churning out clear, actionable visuals, from 3D scatterplots to choropleths and over a dozen other options.

Plus, every graph or chart is ready to be instantly integrated into an Akkio report, keeping your data insightful and always up-to-date. With Akkio's seamless live data integrations, you can trust that your insights are based on the freshest data available.

How Chat Explore Transforms Data Visualization

In business, time is money. Traditional visualization methods stall decision-making, tying you with cumbersome processes and outdated interfaces. Chat Explore brings a new era of data visualization. Here are the key advantages.

No Code Required

Creating visualizations used to require coding in languages like R or Python. This could mean hours spent debugging scripts and configuring libraries to build a single chart. Business users would have to route requests through IT and wait for results, which meant valuable time lost.

With Chat Explore, anyone can instantly visualize data by having natural conversations. Simply describe the chart you need, and the AI will generate it. For example, you could connect sales data and say, "Show me a 3D scatterplot of sales by country and product segment." The AI will instantly produce interactive visualization, which you can save to your shareable report and update with live data anytime.

By eliminating coding, Chat Explore makes data exploration fast, intuitive, and accessible—insights at your fingertips.

Rapid Insights

In the past, creating visualizations was slow. Requests went through long queues, meaning analyses were done on outdated data. This led to poor decisions. With Chat Explore, answers emerge instantly. Just describe the chart you need, and it's generated on the spot. No more waiting on IT or manipulating data yourself.

Rather than pouring over stale spreadsheets, you can operate at the pace of business today. Spot trends, identify new opportunities, and make data-driven decisions quickly. The AI powers visualization at the speed of thought. So your team can turn questions into insights faster than ever, using the most up-to-date data available.

With fast, live data, you can ask questions like “Show me a 3D chart of best-selling products by country in September” (or any other date range) and get a fresh visualization in seconds.

Live Reporting

Data isn't static—it's ever-evolving. Traditional data visualization tools often provide a snapshot, a fixed view of a dynamic landscape. This meant that when reports reached the relevant stakeholders, the data could already be outdated, leading to decisions based on lagging indicators.

Chat Explore, however, integrates live reporting capabilities. It's not just about producing a chart; it's about ensuring it remains relevant, drawing from real-time data sources. This dynamic approach means that businesses always have their finger on the pulse, making decisions based on current affairs, not the past. 

Whether you monitor website traffic, sales conversions, or stock levels, you're guaranteed an up-to-date view with Chat Explore. For example, you could create a sales dashboard that automatically updates as new data comes in. Instead of looking at conversions from last week, you can see performance today with a simple prompt like “Show me a 3D chart of sales and leads generated across reps today.”

Generative Reports

Every dataset tells a story. Yet, discerning that story often requires diving deep, selecting the right metrics, and determining the best way to showcase them. Historically, this meant relying on data experts to curate reports manually, which not only ate up time but also left room for bias or oversight.

Chat Explore shifts this paradigm with its Generative Reports feature. Instead of manually piecing together different data plots or graphs, all you do is define the purpose or theme of your dataset, such as “I want to improve sales and understand what we’re selling the most of and where.”

Chat Explore then reins, auto-generating a comprehensive dashboard tailored to your needs. Whether tracking sales metrics or analyzing customer feedback, the platform intelligently determines which charts best represent the data, ensuring that critical insights aren't missed. Below, for instance, we see that Akkio automatically created a geographical heat map on sales by country, a bar chart on total sales revenue by subcategory, and more.

No more waiting for weekly report updates or sifting through irrelevant charts. Chat Explore's Generative Reports provide a concise, immediate view into your data's heart, ensuring that decision-makers are always armed with the most relevant insights at their fingertips.

Harnessing the Power of 3D Scatter Plots in Chat Explore

When businesses start their data visualization journey, they often begin with simple 2D plots – think of the classic X-Y graphs in Excel or Google Sheets. For example, a local bookstore might plot monthly sales figures (on the Y-axis) against different marketing campaigns (on the X-axis). This 2D view gives a straightforward understanding of how each campaign influenced sales. 

But situations frequently arise where decisions hinge on more than just two variables. Suppose that same bookstore wants to dive deeper. Beyond just sales and campaigns, they might want to factor in customer reviews or the number of repeat customers each month. This is where the need for more advanced visualizations like 3D scatter plots arises.

Consider an e-commerce platform trying to enhance its user experience. They may want to understand the relationship between 'Time Spent on Site,' 'Number of Items Purchased,' and 'Total Spending.' This would allow them to see if users who spend more time browsing also tend to buy more items or if there’s a sweet spot after which users typically make larger purchases. Using traditional tools, creating a 3D scatter plot that captures these three dimensions becomes an uphill task, often needing specialized software and coding knowledge.

Now, in comes Chat Explore. Instead of wrestling with the data and complex software, you simply request: "Show me a 3D scatter plot of 'Time Spent on Site,' 'Number of Items Purchased,' and 'Total Spending.'" 

Drawing on GPT-4’s capabilities, the tool seamlessly produces an interactive 3D scatter plot, making the process straightforward and the insights more transparent. It demonstrates that while AI tools are often seen as simplifiers, they don’t shy away from complexity and handle it with unparalleled efficiency.


As businesses grow and their data expands in volume and complexity, the tools they use must keep pace. Traditional methods, like spreadsheets, have their strengths but also have clear limitations when the data environment gets multifaceted. 

Chat Explore, powered by GPT-4, steps into this gap, making intricate visualizations accessible and easy to generate wherever your data is housed. As the demands of data visualization evolve, it’s platforms like Chat Explore that are setting the gold standard, empowering businesses to navigate their data landscapes with both precision and ease.

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