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January 3, 2024


ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis: Guide & Use Cases

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis can help with any data task. Find out how to access it and use cases that will save you tons of hour per week!
Giorgio Barilla
Digital Marketing Specialist

Picture this: analyzing data and executing python scrips is as chill as chatting with a buddy. That’s exactly what ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis offers.

With new features and enhanced capabilities, the AI-driven tool simplifies data analysis tasks, making it accessible to both seasoned professionals and novices alike. Prepare to uncover the power of this innovative plugin and learn how it can revolutionize the way you handle data with absolutely zero coding required.

Key Takeaways

  • ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis is a powerful software for data analysis and code interpretation;
  • It offers numerous features such as enhanced data visualization, error checking, outlier detection, natural language processing and more;
  • With its unique capabilities & emphasis on revolutionizing analytics it stands out from competitors to help businesses optimize their marketing strategies;
  • For professional data analysis, we explore Akkio, a privacy-friendly alternative that offers some extra features you won't find in ChatGPT.

Introducing ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis

The ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis software builds upon the ex ChatGPT Code Interpreter by introducing new features such as image interpretation, improved code interpretation, and advanced data analysis capabilities for users to analyze data more effectively. The software has been made available to all ChatGPT Plus users, including ChatGPT enterprise clients, since July 2023.

The advanced data analysis capabilities of ChatGPT allow for in-depth analysis of data sets, providing valuable insights like customer churn rates, distribution of charges, and customer demographics. ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis utilizes Python programming language to execute mathematical operations, analyze data, upload and download files, and interpret python code.

Using the Advanced Data Analysis Plugin

Using the Advanced Data Analysis extension requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, whether you're flying solo or part of a team. In the past, users had to "activate" the plugin, but it's now openly available inside the same multi-modal GPT-4 since November 6th, 2023.

The extension is compatible with various file types, making it easier for users to work with raw data in different formats. It offers numerous benefits for paid search marketers, such as quick and effective implementation without the need for extensive mathematical or Excel knowledge, making it accessible for data analysts with varying skill levels.

Please note the extension is sometimes referred to as "Code Interpreter". It's unclear when OpenAI will settle on just one name for the extension.

Supported File Types

A wide variety of file types, such as audio, video, and image files, are supported by ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis. This flexibility allows users to work with various types of raw data, making it a powerful tool for diverse data analysis tasks. The supported files include: 

File Types and Extensions
File Category Extensions
Text .txt, .csv, .json, .xml, etc.
Image .jpg, .png, .gif, etc.
Document .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, etc.
Code .py, .js, .html, .css, etc.
Data .csv, .xlsx, .tsv, .json, etc.
Audio .mp3, .wav, etc.
Video .mp4, .avi, .mov, etc.

Image recognition

The new image recognition engine in ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis can read text, understand symbols, and scan sheets. This code interpreter feature allows users to identify objects, classify images, and extract meaningful data insights from visual data.

Users have found all sorts of useful ways to take advantage of the more powerful vision. For example, you can now use ChatGPT to: 

Generate code from a screenshot

GPT-4 with the plugin active generating Akkio's homepage from a screenshot

With the newfound power, GPT-4 can now do what OpenAI promised in its original release: create code from an image. This could mean creating a website from something you drew on a napkin, recreating a landing page from a screenshot, or replicating an animation starting from a gif or mp4.

Explain Images

A big one for the teachers and parents out there is the ability to explain any image. ChatGPT can read all the content in the image and explain it in text format. You can edit the prompt depending on how in-depth you want it to go, from "explain like I'm 5" to "imagine I'm writing a scientific paper about...".

Annotate Images

If explaining images is not enough, you could try out annotation. GPT-4 can add text on top of your images, or even draw lines, to further analyze concepts. It could be a bit messy at times, but we have to acknowledge this is pretty advanced for a platform you can buy for $20/m.

Natural Language Processing for Data Manipulation

One of the most exciting features of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis is its ability to manipulate data using natural language processing. This makes data enhancement faster and more accessible, as users can simply pose questions or commands in natural language, and ChatGPT will interpret the query and provide the relevant response.

This innovative approach to data manipulation opens up new possibilities for both seasoned data analysts and those with limited technical expertise.

Generate Mock Datasets

There are many times when you just need a mock database to work with and try out new visualization. If you give ChatGPT your requirements, it can now use python scripts to generate a full mock datasets with all the required columns.

Enhanced Data Visualization and Insights

Plotting total quantity sold to price per unit using the mock dataset it generated

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis offers improved data visualization capabilities, making it easier for users to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in their data, similar to what Chat Explore & Chat Data Prep by Akkio do in a contained environment that saves your data.

When users asked advanced data analysis questions, it is capable of performing error checking and outlier detection, ensuring the accuracy and dependability of the data being analyzed.

This versatile tool can be used to analyze any report from any dataset, including Google Ads and Google Analytics data, making it a powerful asset for businesses striving to optimize their marketing strategies. Whether you’re looking to enhance your SEO efforts, optimize social media campaigns, or improve your PPC performance, ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis has you covered.

However, remember that ChatGPT won't store the data forever, so you won't be able to chat with an image you uploaded 20 days ago or a dataset that's too old. It also has a few undisclosed limits on the maximum size that might impact your workflow. Chat Explore doesn't have these limits.

Error Checking and Outlier Detection

When handling structured data, ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis offers options for error checking and outlier detection. These features help ensure the accuracy and dependability of the data being analyzed, ultimately leading to more valuable insights.

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis demonstrates its advanced capabilities and commitment to providing reliable and actionable data insights by pinpointing potential issues and suggesting improvements.

Generating Graphs

Although ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis does not support live data and does not store data indefinitely, it can generate various types of graphs for data visualization. This feature allows users to better understand their data by creating visual representations such as:

  • Scatter plots
  • Heatmaps
  • Bar charts
  • Line graphs
  • Pie charts
  • Histograms
  • Box plots
  • Area charts

These graphical representations can provide valuable insights and help users in analyzing data effectively through exploratory data analysis.

As a result, users can quickly identify trends, patterns, and correlations within their data, leading to more informed decision-making and improved overall performance.

Marketing Use Cases

From SEO optimization to social media marketing, ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis offers a wide range of marketing use cases. The powerful features and capabilities of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis render it an essential tool for marketers aiming to enhance their strategies and yield superior results. By simplifying the data analysis process, ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis provides actionable insights that can help businesses grow and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

The versatility of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis extends beyond traditional marketing channels. It can also be used for file compression and conversion, messaging, and other business applications. With its ability to analyze data quickly and accurately, ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis makes it easier than ever for businesses to manage and share files, streamline workflows, and stay ahead of the competition.

SEO Optimization

Uploading Google's quality raters guidelines
Uploading Google's quality raters guidelines

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis can be a game changer for SEO optimization. By using the upload data feature to adhere to Google’s quality guidelines, marketers can rate web pages and uncover valuable insights for their SEO strategy.

Here's how to implement the strategy:

  1. Upload the file with Google's guidelines for quality raters. You can find it here. You can do the same with plugins using "WebPilot", but uploading the PDF works as well;
  2. Copy-paste your text, or live content, or even custom HTML in the prompt, and ask ChatGPT to rate it according to Google's quality guidelines. If you're in a "Your Money or Your Life" (YMYL) niche, be extremely careful at how you interpret the response;
  3. Ask the chatbot to generate scoring criterias from the document, and then re-prompt it to judge your content across all fronts in a scale. You can even decide to visualize it.
ChatGPT rating a piece of content following Google's guidelines

Matt Diggity’s approach to refreshing old content, for instance, involves using ChatGPT Plus to identify outdated content and replace it with fresh, relevant information. This powerful tool can help businesses stay ahead of the competition and drive the most value from their SEO efforts.

There are tons of other use cases for ChatGPT in SEO, like:

  • Understanding missing concepts in your content;
  • Creating graphs from your Google Search Console data to interpret data;
  • Understand the portion of unbranded traffic your site gets by asking it to explore the percentage of traffic going to your blog vs other pages of your website;
  • Scrape the LSI and target keywords for any page on the internet;
  • Find easy golden-nuggets in your own accounts by copy-pasting the data or using an extension like HARPA.AI to make ChatGPT web aware;
  • Scrape the top 10 results and find statistics to include in your content with ChatGPT Search.

Social Media Marketing

prompt: write a script for a YouTube video about the guidelines

For social media marketing, ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis can help with:

  • Creating engaging content: It can analyze the performance of previous posts to determine what type of content resonates most with your audience. For example, if your video posts are getting more engagement than your image posts, you might want to focus more on creating video content.
  • Analyzing social media data for better marketing strategies: It can help you understand your audience better by analyzing demographic data, engagement rates, and other important metrics. For example, if you notice that posts published at a certain time of day get more engagement, you might want to schedule your posts for that time.
  • Ask it to annotate images: with the updated image recognition, the ex Code Interpreter takes a leap ahead. You can annotate images on the spot, ask for quick transformation, and even remove backgrounds without leaving the app.
  • Produce Engaging Visuals for Your Presentations: while there are specialised software that auto-generate reports for you, ChatGPT does include this feature. You can generate quick pie charts, or even geo maps, showing critical data about growth on each platform. All charts can be downloaded and included in your powerpoint or Canva presentations.

By utilizing the advanced data analysis capabilities of ChatGPT, businesses can optimize their social media marketing efforts and achieve superior results.

For instance, if your analysis reveals that your audience responds positively to user-generated content, you might want to encourage your followers to share their own photos and stories related to your brand.

PPC Marketing

Asking ChatGPT Advanced Data Analytics to analyze the PPC keywords of and find the best one assuming I'm a competitor
Asking Advanced Data Analysis to scrape a competitors' keywords profile for PPC

Using ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis for PPC marketing can yield significant benefits. By analyzing and visualizing PPC campaign datasets, marketers can create different types of graphs, organize data, and simplify results through sampling.

For example, you can use it for:

  • Analyze and visualize your campaign datasets: visualize all campaigns and compare them to the associated results (e.g. which campaign is driving more conversions? Generate a bar chart for it!)
  • Simplify keyword research for your PPC campaigns: ask ChatGPT to find related keywords starting from the batch you're running and the performance;
  • Spot low-performing ads: Avoid wasting money on low-performing assets by scanning CTR, quality score, and impression share metrics at scale;
  • Generate and fix copy: Google Ads already provides some text generation capabilities, but nothing beats personalized copy. Use Custom Instructions and upload your own company information to get custom copy or your ads.


By scraping competitor web pages, marketers can understand their main talking points, targeted keywords, and positioning. ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis can help businesses gain valuable insights into their competition, enabling them to develop more effective messaging strategies and stay ahead in the market.

When used in conjunction with an AI marketing stack, this means saving dozens of hours per month. For example, you can create your datasets by scraping data with Bardeen, analyze top-level metrics with ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis, and store the result in Akkio to move on from analysis to actual machine learning predictions, shipping models in the cloud, and much more.

Comparing ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis to Competitors

Chat Explore, Akkio's alternative to ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis
Akkio's interface to create graphs in a secure environment

When compared to competitors like Google Bard and other AI-enhanced data analysis solutions, ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis stands out with its unique features and capabilities. The emphasis of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis on revolutionizing data analytics and democratizing its access for both experienced professionals and novices distinguishes it from its competitors.

Limitations and Future Improvements

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis, despite its advanced capabilities, has a few limitations concerning privacy, model training, and support for specific libraries and Python versions.

The model may not be able to accurately predict outcomes for data it has not encountered before, or for data that is substantially different from the data it was trained on.

Additionally, ChatGPT has faced multiple complaints from countries and private corporations in regards to data privacy. It's hard to trust it for any analysis of private company information, or any data points that contains PII like healthcare data or customer details.

Using a tool like Akkio or alternatives allows you to get all the benefits of ChatGPT without sending data to OpenAI, meaning you can use it for credit card fraud prediction, churn prediction from your CRM, and lots of use cases that require a privacy-first approach.

Model Training

Turning off Model Training

It’s worth mentioning that unless disabled, all chats will contribute to model training, and ChatGPT might not confidently analyze private data. To disable model training, users can navigate to the settings page and select the “Disable Model Training” option.

Despite these limitations, ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis remains a powerful and versatile tool for businesses looking to gain actionable insights and drive growth through data-driven decision making.


In summary, ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis is an innovative solution that makes data analysis both enjoyable and user-friendly.

Its robust features and distinctive abilities streamline the data analysis process, offering critical insights that can empower businesses to enhance their marketing strategies and stimulate growth.

While there are some constraints, ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis continues to be an essential tool for businesses aiming to outpace their competitors and leverage the benefits of data-driven decision making.

If you find the limitations of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis hindering your workflow, Akkio is a practical alternative that can help streamline your data analysis process. You can get 14 days for free here.

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