Mastering Sales Forecasting with Predictive AI: From Guesswork to Science

Thursday, May 25th 2023

Elvis Saravia

Jon Reilly

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What to Expect

  • The basics of time series modeling for analyst and operations teams and how it can be used to forecast revenue.
  • The common challenges that arise when predicting sales revenue and practical tips for overcoming them.
  • Best practices for cleaning, preparing, and exploring your data to improve forecasting accuracy, including how to identify key drivers and use them to make more informed predictions.
  • How to share your insights and models with your team and apply them to make informed data-driven decisions.

Your Hosts

Jonathon Reilly

Head of Product, Akkio

Jon Reilly is Co-Founder and COO at Akkio, the predictive AI company, where he focuses on driving product-led growth and innovations in machine learning. Prior to Akkio, Reilly was VP of Product at Markforged and led the Music Player product management team at Sonos. Reilly holds an MBA from Babson and a BSEE from Gonzaga University.

Elvis Saravia

Co-founder of DAR.AI

Elvis is a co-founder of DAIR.AI, where he leads all AI research, education, and engineering efforts. His primary research focus is training large language models and information retrieval systems and developing applications on top of them. Previous to this, he was a technical product marketing manager at Meta AI where he supported and advised world-class products and teams like FAIR, PyTorch, and Papers with Code. Prior to this, he was an education architect at Elastic where he developed technical curriculum and courses for the Elastic Stack.

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