Unlock Zenith-Level Results with AI

Akkio & Zenith Media: A Data-Driven Success Story

At DMWF, Akkio and Zenith Media will reveal how AI is revolutionizing campaign performance. Learn how to achieve similar success for your agency. Discover how Akkio's embedded AI platform helped Zenith:

  • Gain deeper data insights to inform strategy.
  • Optimize campaigns in real time for maximum impact.
  • Drive exceptional client results with data-driven decisions.

Ready to unlock your agency's full potential with AI?

Book a meeting with our sales team to learn more about Akkio's impact on Zenith Media and how we can tailor a solution for your agency's unique needs.

White Label Generative AI Analytics from Akkio

You already have the industry knowledge and data to support your clients, but with Akkio, you can unveil a new service offering to drive revenue, save time, and provide added value to your clients. Akkio combines your live data with the speed, simplicity, and adaptability of Generative AI, giving your customers an analytics tool they can’t live without. 

Make GenAI Analytics a Service Offering

White label the Akkio platform to provide a new service offering for your customers. Let them chat with their data, generate insights, create data visualizations, and view live dashboards.

Save Time on Data Analysis

Use the Akkio platform to quickly transform and clean data, discover insights, analyze client results, and create instant customer reports when you connect data to Akkio. 

Make and Deploy Predictions for Clients

Machine learning tools from Akkio let you make predictions for use cases like lead scoring, forecasting, and sentiment analysis, and then deploy these predictions through a web application or API.

Don't just take our word...

Alex Denning
Founder, Ellipsis Marketing

Akkio has let us build and deploy predictive models with no code, in no time. We've used Akkio to improve the performance of our internal processes: we can automate and improve decision making, saving time and improving results.

President, Marketing Consulting Agency

We believe that AI will dramatically change every business, and Akkio allows our team to take advantage of its immediate benefits: speed, efficiency, and the ability to identify growth opportunities for our clients that would have otherwise remained undiscovered.

Martin Kurucz
CEO, Sterling

Akkio had the best models, pricing structure, scalability, and usability. all of a sudden, in one day, I can do as much data analysis as it would take my team a week.

Nicholas H.
Founder & G2 Reviewer

Akkio is fast, easy, intuitive, and has the best performance of them all. It integrates with just about everything, and has extremely fair pricing. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful too. I tell everyone I know about Akkio, and it really feels like their product is 10 years ahead of their time.

Ajay Agarwal
Partner, Bain Capital Ventures

The best companies are leveraging AI across their enterprise. With Akkio, business users can leverage the power of AI without the burdens of long and expensive traditional AI solutions.

Adam Hambleton
Planning Manager, Management One

In my experience with other tools, it can take weeks to be up and running, but with Akkio, it was super quick.

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