Craig Wisneski

Co-Founder & Head of G&A, Akkio

AI for Customer Support: Why You Need It

Discover the advantages of AI-driven customer support, including cost reduction, round-the-clock support, improved customer interactions, predictive insights, and more.

8 Natural Language Processing (NLP) Examples

Learn how NLP can help you gain valuable insights from customer data, from sentiment analysis to personalized recommendations. With Akkio, you can easily apply NLP.

Machine Learning in a Snowflake Data Warehouse? Yes!

Learn how to use AI in a Snowflake data warehouse with Akkio, and learn the benefits of ML in Snowflake, including scalability, speed, and cost-efficiency.

How to Clean and Prepare Your Data for Success with AI

If you want high-quality insights from your ML platform, you need high-quality data. Learn why data cleaning and preparation are important.

The Power of AI Data Transformation for Excel

Are you an avid Excel user? Find out how to use Excel to transform your data, and whether it’s the best tool for the job.

How to Use Structured and Unstructured Data for ML Insights: 5 Examples

Did you know that 90% of the world's data is unstructured? That's a lot of data to leave on the table if you're only focusing on structured data.

7 Examples of Text Analysis for Better Data Insights

Text analysis is a powerful tool. Now, anyone can gain value from data, without any data analysis or data science experience.

Complete Guide To The Top 20 Data Science Tools To Use In 2022

In this guide, we will take a look at the top 20 data science tools that you can pick from in 2022.

A Guide to Using Artificial Intelligence For Better Recruiting (2022)

Using AI in your recruiting process can save you time, help you make better decisions, scale your business quickly and efficiently.

5 ways that AI can benefit small business

AI technology is often associated with big companies, but it can also be used by small and medium-sized businesses and startups.

How to supercharge your marketing with predictive analytics

Want to know how to supercharge your marketing with data? It's easier than you might think.

No-code intent classification to analyze your customer's needs

In this article, we will explore what intent classification is, how it works and how you can implement it in your product or service offerings.

How to build AI into your SaaS product

In this article, we’ll understand the various applications and benefits of applying AI software to a SaaS product.

Complete guide to AI As A Service (AIaaS)

AIaaS (AI as a service) is an essential method for businesses that want to implement AI models and machine learning algorithms

5 easy steps to customer sentiment analysis

Customer sentiment can seem like a black-box, but understanding what customers think about your brand, products, and services is crucial to success.

Guide to conducting an in-depth customer behavior analysis using AI

There's a lot of customer data out there, and businesses are constantly looking for ways to make sense of it all and figure out what to do with it. But customer behavior analysis is a complex process, and it can be tough to know where to start. That's where Akkio comes in.

How AI can be used for effective fraud detection in 2023

Fraud is skyrocketing and costing businesses billions of dollars. This is why businesses need to employ the latest technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

Artificial Intelligence in Sales: Revolutionizing Sales for 2022

AI-powered sales tools can automate routine tasks, provide insights that would otherwise be unavailable, and suggest strategies based on customer data.

Predicting a Customer's Propensity to Buy Using AI Propensity Modeling: Complete Guide

Have you ever wondered how you can predict how likely a customer is to buy something before they even make a purchase? Machine Learning makes it possible.

6 Ways That No-Code AI Can Uncover Valuable Customer Insights In 2022

In this article, we look at how no-code AI can be used to uncover valuable customer insights. 

How to Detect Credit Card Fraud Using Machine Learning

In this article, you'll learn how machine learning can be used to detect the various attack vectors of credit card fraud.

7 Reasons Why Machine Learning Forecasting Is Better Than Traditional Methods

Machine learning forecasting can make predictions about future events that are far more accurate than predictions made by humans.

What is AI Marketing?

AI is reaching ubiquity for businesses. In this article, we'll explore what AI marketing is, its benefits, and how to get started with AI marketing.

Machine Learning in Finance: 15 Applications And Use Cases

ML gives finance businesses a competitive advantage. In this article, we’re going to explain how it works with examples and understand its use cases.

A Tutorial for Churn Prediction Using Machine Learning

Not sure why customers are abandoning your product? Learn about most common reasons for customer churn, and to can prevent it with predictive analytics.

AI is the Future of Marketing

The field of AI-driven marketing has been evolving at a rapid pace and is now becoming mainstream.

What We Learned From AutoML 2021: Five Key Takeaways From the Fifth International Workshop on Automation in Machine Learning

Exploring the top AutoML 2021 trends, from hyperparameter autotuning to Neural Architecture Search and IoT.

What are the Benefits of Machine Learning in the Cloud?

The cloud is revolutionizing AI. Find out how to harness the power of the cloud for sales funnel optimization, lead scoring, churn reduction, and more.

Can Artificial Intelligence Be Creative?

AI is a helpful tool for creatives. This article explores examples of AI creativity and how businesses can use AI to help them build more creative solutions.

How You Can Adopt AI-Powered Marketing Today

AI is benefitting marketing teams big and small. Learn everything you need to use AI to boost your marketing efforts, from lead scoring to social media post sentiment analysis.

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Make Your Business More Decisive

Artificial Intelligence is becoming ubiquitous, and with it comes a new era of decision-making. Learn how to harness AI for your organization and gain a competitive advantage.

Complete Guide to Using AI Predictive Lead Scoring in Sales

AI is revolutionizing sales, and with good reason. Sales teams can focus on what matters using AI-powered lead scoring. Find out how to harness the power of AI for predictive lead scoring without writing any code.

What is AI Marketing and How Can It Help Grow Your Business?

Learn more about AI Marketing and how it can help grow your business. Digital marketers are taking advantage of AI to help optimize marketing strategies.

What is the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Learn the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning. Build accurate AI Modeling with Akkio, the no-code AI platform.

What is Predictive Modeling and Why Is It Important?

Predictive modeling empowers any team to improve their KPIs by taking a data-driven approach to decision-making.

No Code AI: Democratizing Machine Learning and Data Analytics

No-code has finally come to democratize AI, with tools like Akkio for tabular data, Teachable Machine for image or video data, and tools like Rossum.

AI Business Intelligence – The Future of Analytics Has Arrived

The future of business intelligence lies in AI, and it's a bright future with more insights, faster analysis, and smarter real-time decision-making.

Using Machine Learning to Improve Marketing Productivity

Machine learning from no-code AI platforms like Akkio are helping marketing departments improve productivity and efficiency with multiple prongs.

Machine Learning and Digital Marketing – the Perfect Match

Machine Learning offers digital marketers the ability to dig deeper into data and identify patterns to help them better target their customers.

Why Akkio Chose Product Led Growth

Product led growth tightly aligns our users’ success to our success. Find out why Akkio chose product led growth to help prioritize customer success.

Augmenting Data With AutoML: Fuzzy Merge

Akkio has built a state-of-the-art fuzzy matching tool that leverages our in-house AI technology to make it simple to join datasets.

Making Your First AI Model

A look into how to build and deploy your first AI model. Leverage the power of AI with Akkio, the no-code AI platform. Check out our pricing plans now.

Predictive Analytics: Using Machine Learning to Create Better Intuition

Leverage the power of machine learning to create predictive analytics for your business and predict your customer's spending patterns.

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