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Akkio lets analysts quickly prepare, clean, and explore your data, and build machine learning models at an affordable price point for small businesses
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At Akkio, we understand that pricing is a critical factor for small businesses when selecting a predictive AI solution. That's why we offer a competitive pricing model to help quickly build machine learning models so you get the most out of your data. We’re so confident, we’ll give you the first month free when you sign a 12 month Enterprise or Professional contract with Akkio.

Easy and Fast Data Exploration with Chat

Quickly learn what’s driving business outcomes as effortlessly as speaking with a colleague

Insightful and Novel Analysis

Just type questions to quickly draw insights from the dataset and analyze it with the vast knowledge of GPT-4

Fast and Live Reporting

In one click, charts and graphs can be added to Akkio reports and connected to live data sources

The Easiest Way to Work with Data

Now everyone can leverage the power of AI to grow their business.

To qualify for one month free, you must sign one-year Professional or Enterprise contract with Akkio and meet the following conditions:

  1. You or a colleague must have been invited to participate in the promotion from an Akkio account executive;
  2. You must be a current customer of a predictive AI company and have a data warehouse in Snowflake;
  3. You must have under 500 employees;
  4. You must schedule and attend a demo with Akkio within the promotion period;
  5. You must not have previously received a gift from Akkio in connection with a promotion;
  6. You must not be prohibited by your employer or applicable law from accepting gifts from vendors;

Please note that the offer is subject to availability. Akkio reserves the right to modify or terminate the promotion at any time without notice. By participating in this promotion, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. You also acknowledge and agree that your participation in this promotion does not create a contractual or other obligation on the part of Akkio to provide any products or services beyond what is specifically offered in this promotion. If you have any questions or concerns about the promotion, please contact us at

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