Case Study

How Akkio’s AI Data Platform Increased Client ROI by 208%

Discover the AI data platform that automatically surfaces patterns in historical data to predict future outcomes and generate key insights – giving LA/VIE agency a 208% increase in client ROAS.

The Only AI Data Platform Built for Agencies

Increased Revenue and ROAS

By optimizing ad assets and variables with Akkio's predictive model, LA/VIE increased revenue by 247% and ROAS by 208% demonstrating the effectiveness of AI supercharged campaign optimizations. 

Speed in Deployment

Akkio's AI-driven approach allowed for rapid optimization of ad creatives, significantly reducing the time required to identify and deploy high-performing ads. Reporting dashboards could also be provided to clients in hours not days or weeks. 

Improved Marketing Campaigns

Akkio precisely predicted the most effective ad variables and allowed LA/VIE to refine marketing campaigns and strategies to better achieve client KPI goals.

About the Speaker:

Digital Marketing Agency Founder
Peter Delle CEO of LA/VIE
Peter Delle co-founded LA/VIE, a digital marketing agency that has supercharged their media buying and campaign optimization through AI. With a rich background managing over $400 million in campaign budgets, Peter's turned LA/VIE Consultings’ strengths in scaling advertising campaigns into the firms’ AI-powered super advantage. This catapulted client ROAS and doubled revenue without increasing ad spend for the first client they deployed the process. LA/VIE has become a testament to the power of AI in transforming digital marketing strategies, achieving a 247% increase in revenue and a 208% increase in ROAS, for their first test for a client.