Generative Business Intelligence for Analysts

The AI Assistant for Your Data

Forecast revenue, analyze live data, visualize survey sentiment, track ad spend, and predict customer lifetime value in one intuitive platform.
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Case Study: the Next Level of Fundraising
Stirling saved 6 months of development time and delivering more than 2x return to customers - contributing to a 5x annual revenue growth.

Explore. Predict. Report

Revolutionize how you work with data

Our generative business intelligence platform lets you chat with your data, create visualizations, and create machine learning models in minutes.

Chat with your data

Use our chatbot to ask complex questions about your dataset to quickly get operational insights without needing to write a line of code.

Drive impact with predictive models

Use machine learning to predict critical business outcomes like sales forecasts, lead scoring, employee attrition, and more.

Creative generative charts, reports, and dashboards

With just a few clicks, you can use your data to instantly build live charts and reports that refresh as your data updates.


Enterprise-grade data privacy and security

Akkio takes our data privacy and security obligations seriously. Our platform, processes, and systems are designed to protect our users and their data. We have implemented information security controls in every part of our operations and we are consistently working to strengthen our stance.

Combine Columns

Merging columns is now super easy. Ask to 'combine all address columns' and Akkio will find all relevant columns and merge them. 

Effortlessly Reformat Dates

Fixing messy date fields is as easy as writing, 'reformat the date to MM/DD/YYYY,' or do complex time-based operations like 'calculate the days from the date to today.'

Clean Data, Remove Outliers

Easily create complex filters. 'Remove all 3 sigma outliers' or, 'Drop rows with blank values in any column.'

The Easiest Way to Work with Data

Now everyone can leverage the power of AI to grow their business.
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