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AI-Powered Forecasting

Losing valuable talent can lead to decreased productivity and increased hiring costs. Akkio lets HR managers proactively address retention issues and maintain an engaged workforce.

With Akkio AI, you can securely:

  • Identify employees who may be at risk of leaving and take proactive steps to retain them
  • Explore historical employee data to discover patterns and correlations across teams
  • Visualize data with real-time dashboards for tracking progress over time

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A simple, secure platform with powerful outcomes

Akkio makes it easy for HR managers to explore, visualize, and predict employee retention and attrition. In a few clicks, HR can analyze historical data to compare engagement surveys with employee attributes like job titles, departments, salaries, performance ratings, length of employment, and other relevant factors. The historical data is then used to predict the likelihood of an employee leaving the company. This information can be very valuable for the company as it can help them to take proactive steps to retain critical personnel.


Enterprise-grade data privacy and security

Akkio takes our data privacy and security obligations seriously. Our platform, processes, and systems are designed to protect our users and their data. We have implemented information security controls in every part of our operations and we are consistently working to strengthen our stance.

Data Analysis and Predictions for HR Business Partners

Explore, Analyze, and Visualize

Use a chat interface to explore your retention data and find patterns 10x faster than traditional methods. You can create any visualization or graph in a flash, then share it with your team for fast, live reporting.

Make Secure Predictions

In a few minutes you can use your data to predict if an employee in a particular department with a certain performance rating has a high likelihood of leaving, so you can take steps to best support your company.

Connect to Live Data

Easily connect Akkio to live data streams for real-time reporting and deploy your retention model to your company's data warehouse or a web application to make predictions as a part of your standard process.

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