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AI-Powered Sales Forecasting

Take the guesswork out of forecasting: Get instant, more insightful forecasts with Akkio.Chat with your live data to uncover insights, understand patterns with generative charts, and create custom forecast models in minutes!

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Forecast with Confidence

With Akkio, Enterprise customers can understand patterns, analyze influential factors, and effortlessly make forecasts with their live data. Sales forecasting is now available to any business without data scientists or extensive teams for data analysis.


Enterprise-grade data privacy and security

Akkio takes our data privacy and security obligations seriously. Our platform, processes, and systems are designed to protect our users and their data. We have implemented information security controls in every part of our operations and we are consistently working to strengthen our stance.

Sales Analysis and Forecasts Made Easy

Boost your confidence with effortless and accurate forecasts

Easily create forecasting models based on your live data in minutes.

Understand outcomes with intuitive insights and impact analysis

Explore your data, understand patterns, and analyze performance, accuracy, seasonality, and top factors.

Take action on your predictions by deploying and sharing

What previously required an entire team of data scientists is now available to all. Click one button, and you can deploy your forecasting model in the cloud, or inside your company's data warehouse (e.g. Snowflake or BigQuery).

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