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Create Graphs in an Instant

Akkio is the the fastest way to build visualizations with your data. Built with GPT-4, you can chat with your data and get instant graphs, charts, reports and more – just $49 a month.

  • Create charts, dashboards, and visualizations of any kind via chat
  • Manipulate your data and explore analytics without SQL or formulas
  • Transform your data, discover patterns, insights, and correlations, and build reports your team will love

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The Easiest Way to Visualize Data

Experience the power of generative analytics, without the need for a dedicated data science or consulting team. Chat with your data, explore insights, create graphs, charts, and reports in second. You can also train predictive models, and share captivating reports with your team, all with a simple, cost-effective solution.


Enterprise-grade data privacy and security

Akkio takes our data privacy and security obligations seriously. Our platform, processes, and systems are designed to protect our users and their data. We have implemented information security controls in every part of our operations and we are consistently working to strengthen our stance.

Turbocharge Data Analysis and Predictions

Prepare and Transform

Effortlessly clean your data through a chatbot built on GPT-4. Reformat dates, combine columns, clean data, and remove outliers in an instant. You will never need SQL or Excel formulas again.

Create Visualizations

Explore your data, find actionable insights, and report on business outcomes 10x faster than traditional methods. Use your data to create any chart or graph in a flash, then share with your team for fast, live reporting.

Build and Deploy ML Models

What previously required an entire team of data scientists and consultants is now available to anyone. In a few minutes you can build and deploy a machine learning model key in the cloud, or inside your company's data warehouse (e.g. Snowflake or BigQuery).

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