Akkio’s Predictive AI for the Snowflake Data Cloud – no coding required

Akkio is a predictive AI platform that gives you a competitive edge with rapid insights and visionary predictions for everyday operations. Our integration with Snowflake enables analysts to prepare and explore their data, gain insights, and build powerful machine learning models that push directly back into Snowflake – all in one easy to use platform.

Whether you're looking to increase productivity, perform exploratory analysis, or drive informed decision-making with predictions, this eBook provides expert insights and practical tips for deploying machine learning with Snowflake, including how to use Akkio to simplify the process.

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Akkio + Snowflake

Akkio is the fastest and easiest way to make predictive models with Snowflake. Business analysts can prepare and explore their data in Akkio, and create ML models that push directly back into Snowflake. With Akkio, analysts have a cost-effective and flexible solution to increase productivity, take action, and drive informed decision making. Learn more about the integration here
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